Abstract – Woman

Oil on Canvas

An Abstract

Titled ‘Transition



Transition is the word that depicts the mix of both the Tradition & Modern.

The traditional side of the woman in the painting had the saree as hood and emerges out of the structural frames. The modern part, the other side pushes the frame out behind.

This painting on canvas using oil colors is simply framed in traditional wooden color.

Size of the Painting : 45 x 60 cm

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African art

African Art


                              I always interested in the african  form of drawing and coloring them. Their structure and their style of living is remarkable one in my point of view.

I already did one in glass.



                        This time I decided to put it in canvas board. Have a board in the size  of 19 x 29 inch (50 x 75 cm). I sketched out the figures on the board.




                                Now started painting the background color with oil paints, such as, raw sienna, burnt umber, yellow, light red, cobalt blue, prussian blue, green, flake white…..with linseed oil. no turpentine is used as it is slightly allergic to me.  And kindly excuse me as i hadnt remember of taking a click after this work.

                           Then started coloring the figurines’ body color with black acrylic color, as it dries fast (my patience is drying out) and acrylic makes the painting look bright. Working on the costumes is the most difficult part that comes on my way.

                                   I usually paint with bright colors as I was exposed to glass paintings that require bright colors and shiny ones  that makes a dazzling painting. I think thats my part of strength and weakness that i cant blend oil colors to its faintest form. ok…we can leave it….

                                   Now I went on to choose the design for the dress and go on research in net….and got a few….Then coloring for that design become the tedious part in this painting. You can notice africans wearing contrary colors in their costumes, but more or less they appear to compliment each other…So I decided to go on that line….

                              For the third figurine, I ravage thru the colors and first I painted with green and pearl lilac border and then I changed it to yellow with red bars that matches her upperwear.

                               Then what else? The ornaments that match their costume. Put some hip wears also as the black color in the hip is more prominently looks bare.


                       At last finished…..but i have to sign myself on this art work. I signed at the right corner of the painting as ‘ahil’ (it sounds good!!)…..


Understanding Abstracts

Sometime before I thought the abstract art is nothing but simple. After I tried the art, I realized that it requires accurate mind setup, knowledge of defined and undefined figures and lines which prominently brings certain ideas foreground. If the viewer could catch up, what the artist wants to tell through his work then it’s a success.

Some artists brings the subject to the foreground of viewing and use  subtle colors. This type of art can be understand by most of the viewers. Some experiment dominant colors over the subject. In this type, viewers can be attracted towards the colors but not to the subject. The dominant colors in the abstract must not subtle the subject. In some abstracts subject fuses with the colors. Few viewers can interpret this art exactly.


The ideas and patterns for this art depends upon the artist’s view, his perceptions about the object, his inner feel, form and essence of his life. I am more inclined towards the geometrical figures and lines that my art reflects those.


Dream Girl

This oil painting of a girl is my favorite. Saree-clad Indian girls are always beautiful, elegant and attractive.

Size of the painting   :  38 x 55 cm

Type    :    Oil on Canvas

Detail  :    Hand made oil painting in pre stretched acid free canvasboard.

Attractively Framed.


Art Canvas

Girl in Monet's Garden

Art is an experience. Art describes the study of creative skill, a process of using the creative skill, a product of the creative skill, or the audience’s experience with the creative skill. The creative arts reflect a message, mood, or symbolism for the viewer to interpret

Art, at its simplest, is a form of communication

I like painting landscape, seascape and people in bright colors.