Abstract – Woman

Oil on Canvas

An Abstract

Titled ‘Transition



Transition is the word that depicts the mix of both the Tradition & Modern.

The traditional side of the woman in the painting had the saree as hood and emerges out of the structural frames. The modern part, the other side pushes the frame out behind.

This painting on canvas using oil colors is simply framed in traditional wooden color.

Size of the Painting : 45 x 60 cm

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African Art on Glass II

African Art

Completed Work


I visualize the effect of giving grey in gradient mode. Mixed black, chinese white, prussian blue and  little crimson lake…got the correct shade. Prepare darker grey and lighter grey by adding some more white to it. The painting being vertically long, I prefer to give the shades alongside the figures.



3D Outliner :


Before going for shading I want to give the painting the rusty look of that land by giving some 3d outliner – Glitter Black color. Moreover its a glass, it reflects light and the painting is also an abstract-like, so I prefer to give some glitter touch to it.



Gradient :


Dabbing the oil colors on glass, I strike upon a thought of giving two columns of darker variation on each side and lighter shade in the center, not giving gradual gradient on the glass. It feels better and comes out well.


In this painting the gradient moves out from center to corners in a circular manner. Most Glass Tanjore Paintings which comprise Gods and Goddess reflects this type of gradient variation.




This African art doesn’t need one like this. So I worked out as separate perpendicular columns of shades.





Completed Painting Gifts…

Understanding Abstracts

Sometime before I thought the abstract art is nothing but simple. After I tried the art, I realized that it requires accurate mind setup, knowledge of defined and undefined figures and lines which prominently brings certain ideas foreground. If the viewer could catch up, what the artist wants to tell through his work then it’s a success.

Some artists brings the subject to the foreground of viewing and use  subtle colors. This type of art can be understand by most of the viewers. Some experiment dominant colors over the subject. In this type, viewers can be attracted towards the colors but not to the subject. The dominant colors in the abstract must not subtle the subject. In some abstracts subject fuses with the colors. Few viewers can interpret this art exactly.


The ideas and patterns for this art depends upon the artist’s view, his perceptions about the object, his inner feel, form and essence of his life. I am more inclined towards the geometrical figures and lines that my art reflects those.


Watercolor – Painting a rose

Watercolor Painting

Recently I tried my hand on watercolors. I thought it’s easy. But it’s not so. First I got the papers for the watercolor painting – cold pressed, 300gsm. Then I draw a landscape with pine trees on it. Drawing is good. I started painting. When the water is more in the brush, it dripped all along the painting. I have to take it with a soft cloth. I finished the painting and not WOW… it’s horrible. Pine trees became banyan trees. Mountains in the background and foreground mixed up very well. When I try to add some dark color to distinguish them, nice..it all went blur. Atlast I did a water color painting.


Differences between oil and watercolor

Oil colors look so natural while painting. But you can’t judge watercolor like that. It shows a different version after it dried.

Oil colors blend well during shading or glazing. But a skill is required  while we do with watercolor. It won’t blend but overlaps with the underlying color and mix a little.

Overdoing of watercolor will tear your paper a little.

I don’t guess these are all true for water color artists. I am used to oil colors. So now I feel oil and canvas go hand in hand than water and paper. I won’t let my hope die within me. I am the next one. After five paintings, I got a hold in watercolors. My last one is the rose painting. I hope this brings out the shades well than the earlier ones.


Try  and you can also do that one day.