Radhai & Krishnan (Garden)

Radhai & Krishnan





Atlast I finish off coloring the skin with oil colors. Light pinkish texture for both. I didnt give the Krishna’s usual dark Blue color as he is an avatar of Lord Kannan. I just wanted Krishna to be a lover of Radhai and an ordinary human being.

The enlightened circle is painted with 3D Glitter Silver color.

Now I have to paste an big foil of aluminium on the back side of the glass, where the whole paints are lying.

Then for framing. This time I am not going for Golden frame as it is a regular for the Deity Paintings. My son, whom I want to present this painting, wants an wooden finish of frame.

Next week I’ll post this lovely romantic painting with the frame. Because the frame man will take his own time like I did. 🙂




3D colors on Fabric

Border Designs for Fabric Painting

Design on the pallu of a saree

3D colors

Things Needed :

Fabric of your choice

A Design

3D Colors  ( Fevicryl 3D outliner or Camel Fabrica acrylic 3D Glitter)

Kundan stones

Applicator sticks or Jewel setter Stick or prongs

Fabric glue


  • Draw the design outline using pencil.
  • Use 3D colors to draw over the design.
  • Let it dry for an hour.
  • Put fabric glue wherever the stones are to be pasted.
  • Keep the kundan stones over the glue using applicator sticks or jewel setter sticks. Press it.
  • Let it dry for an hour.
  • After its fully dried (not touch dry), Iron on the wrong side.