Radhai & Krishanan

Radhai & Krishnan

in Garden

Glass Colors. 3D Colors and Gold Work

applied in the reverse side of the painting…

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Radhai & Krishnan 

in Garden


New painting started today…

Size : 24 x 18 inch

Material : Glass

Medium : Glass Colors, 3D colors, Acrylic, Pearl & Oil Colors


I’ll update daily 

After I finish the whole, its for sale….

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How to paint Glass Tanjore Painting

Yasoda Kannan II

Starting with the pearl colors for costumes, we have to decide the colors that match. Yasoda’s saree, its pallu, the veil, krishna’s angavastra colors must compliment each other. Vibrant colors can be used. The glass reflects bright colors the most.

Step 3

At first, clean up the extra gold paintings that edges out of the design by using a hairpin or such a thing.

Color the fabrics of your choice with pearl/acrylic colors. Pearl color goes well with tanjore type paintings. It shows the richness of the figurines that we paint.

When we are painting the eyes, do with extra care. Have to leave some white space in the pupil of the eye. First color the black (not pure black, mix some white) pupil and left it for dry. After dried, give pearl white for the remaining part of the eye. 

For the hair also, mix some brown color with black, especially for childrens’ hair. Always check whether the colors are fully filled the design, by just lifting the glass at 45 deg to let light.   

Next finish off with the pillars.For the pillars, I just go with 3D colors for the designed part and red acrylic for remaining. It blends well.

Viewing Side (Front Side) of the Painting

Tomo’ we will be coloring the skin with oil colors

African Art on Glass

Nice to paint this type of  art on the glass…it has no defined face, eyes, nose and lips that makes me to put so much of oil paint variations on the face…because I usually apply oil colors for the skin of the figure that I am painting.

Giving Shades :

Most glass painters, mostly beginners… use the same acrylic colors, that too not showing any variations for the cheek, chin or forehead… I wont argue you all to not using any acrylic colors for the skin texture. Show some color variations.  Keep the glass upright and do the painting.

Light shaded part

Drawing outlines for the shaded part gives the picture an amateurish look .

Only Outline

Draw only the outline of the pitcher. Give the lighter shades while coloring.

First put the light shades. Then give the dark shade part and when its wet(acrylic dry quick) take some dark shade on your brush, move over the lighter shaded part. Remember you are painting on the reverse side. So keep the glass upright and view the painting’s shade, whether it comes out well or not.

Merging of lighter and darker shades

Making lighter in the center

Shades in Pitcher

Acrylic Colors are over

Front View

Painting Side - Reverse

Careful about the Large Glass :


Some cuts and wounds on the pressed part of your hand with the glass are common while putting the glass upright.

Now next I paint the background with oil colors which gives the gradient effect…Wait…

Reverse Glass Painting

In my house, the builder put some spaces in the Living room, that I almost  filled with some of my paintings.


But I am having some idea of filling with larger ones. So I measure the space leave 4 inches for the frame and purchase the glass of size 15 x 42 inch.

I got a picture of African art traced and transferred it on the glass.

Tracing Sheet under the glass

Transferred to glass

I’ll continue…..

New Glass Paintings

Reverse Glass Paintings

Required :

Glass  size 20 x 24 inch

3d colors

Acrylic colors

Pearl colors

Oil colors


  • Print the designs in the tracing sheet to the required glass size by digital printing. (cost around Rs 100 for each).
  • Copy on the glass (keep reverse side of the tracing sheet) using the any ink pen with indelible ink .
  • Give 3d colors, pearl metallic gold color to jewels and designs as you wish.
  • After a day, paint pearl acrylic colors or silk acrylic colors for costumes.
  • After dried out, dab with sponge, the oil color for the skin, sky and surroundings.
  • Dry under sun for four to five days.
  • Keep an aluminium foil of same size over the painted side. Don’t use crushed foil. Don’t paste it with glue to the painted surface. If its glued, it’ll be seen as white patches after some days.
  • Frame it.

Completed Works

Girl with Swan

Girl Praying - Finished

Girl with Pot - Finished