African Art on Glass II

African Art

Completed Work


I visualize the effect of giving grey in gradient mode. Mixed black, chinese white, prussian blue and  little crimson lake…got the correct shade. Prepare darker grey and lighter grey by adding some more white to it. The painting being vertically long, I prefer to give the shades alongside the figures.



3D Outliner :


Before going for shading I want to give the painting the rusty look of that land by giving some 3d outliner – Glitter Black color. Moreover its a glass, it reflects light and the painting is also an abstract-like, so I prefer to give some glitter touch to it.



Gradient :


Dabbing the oil colors on glass, I strike upon a thought of giving two columns of darker variation on each side and lighter shade in the center, not giving gradual gradient on the glass. It feels better and comes out well.


In this painting the gradient moves out from center to corners in a circular manner. Most Glass Tanjore Paintings which comprise Gods and Goddess reflects this type of gradient variation.




This African art doesn’t need one like this. So I worked out as separate perpendicular columns of shades.




3D colors on Fabric

Border Designs for Fabric Painting

Design on the pallu of a saree

3D colors

Things Needed :

Fabric of your choice

A Design

3D Colors  ( Fevicryl 3D outliner or Camel Fabrica acrylic 3D Glitter)

Kundan stones

Applicator sticks or Jewel setter Stick or prongs

Fabric glue


  • Draw the design outline using pencil.
  • Use 3D colors to draw over the design.
  • Let it dry for an hour.
  • Put fabric glue wherever the stones are to be pasted.
  • Keep the kundan stones over the glue using applicator sticks or jewel setter sticks. Press it.
  • Let it dry for an hour.
  • After its fully dried (not touch dry), Iron on the wrong side.