New Glass Paintings

Reverse Glass Paintings

Required :

Glass  size 20 x 24 inch

3d colors

Acrylic colors

Pearl colors

Oil colors


  • Print the designs in the tracing sheet to the required glass size by digital printing. (cost around Rs 100 for each).
  • Copy on the glass (keep reverse side of the tracing sheet) using the any ink pen with indelible ink .
  • Give 3d colors, pearl metallic gold color to jewels and designs as you wish.
  • After a day, paint pearl acrylic colors or silk acrylic colors for costumes.
  • After dried out, dab with sponge, the oil color for the skin, sky and surroundings.
  • Dry under sun for four to five days.
  • Keep an aluminium foil of same size over the painted side. Don’t use crushed foil. Don’t paste it with glue to the painted surface. If its glued, it’ll be seen as white patches after some days.
  • Frame it.

Completed Works

Girl with Swan

Girl Praying - Finished

Girl with Pot - Finished