A Landscape – Water Color Painting

New one I finished is a landscape with mountains, lake and the orange sky. Mountains and the silhouette of the trees are okay. But I am not all fully satisfied with the lake, ’cause the lake hadn’t come well as it suppose. Anyhow my try in watercolors is in progressive line, I hope so.



Understanding Abstracts

Sometime before I thought the abstract art is nothing but simple. After I tried the art, I realized that it requires accurate mind setup, knowledge of defined and undefined figures and lines which prominently brings certain ideas foreground. If the viewer could catch up, what the artist wants to tell through his work then it’s a success.

Some artists brings the subject to the foreground of viewing and use  subtle colors. This type of art can be understand by most of the viewers. Some experiment dominant colors over the subject. In this type, viewers can be attracted towards the colors but not to the subject. The dominant colors in the abstract must not subtle the subject. In some abstracts subject fuses with the colors. Few viewers can interpret this art exactly.


The ideas and patterns for this art depends upon the artist’s view, his perceptions about the object, his inner feel, form and essence of his life. I am more inclined towards the geometrical figures and lines that my art reflects those.